Weird & Wonderful

ATS Euromaster

We were tasked to produce items to help promote the new call centre opening in Aston Birmingham. The requirement was to make all ATS centres around the UK aware that the new call centre was opening, but to do this in a different way other than an email or newsletter. The concept we developed was to give each ATS centre a cake with the details of the new call centre printed on the top in edible ink. Along with this there would be an information card sent out with the cake.

We project managed all aspects of this job from sourcing the cake (along with taste testing!!) to the final delivery of the cakes to 340 centres. The bespoke packaging had to be tested to ensure it was fit for purpose as each cake needed to be delivered on an overnight courier to the centres and arrive intact.

The ATS call centre had great feedback from all the centres around the country saying that this promotion really got the message across.

This was a great project for us to work on as it really put all our knowledge and experience to great work.