Case Study: ATS Tructyre Binders

We met with ATS Euromaster during January 2019 to discuss details and delivery deadline for a new project they required us to deliver. They were looking for some bespoke binders for Tructyre – the fleet management arm of the business.

They asked us to produce and supply a total of 950 binders, split over 4 different kinds for various areas of the company as well as all the necessary internal documents and collate them correctly for storage, ready to be called off by the client as the need arose.

The project was quite complex in that we needed to produce various documents and collate them into the correct files before storing until the client called them off. There were 28 different kinds of documents ranging from 4 – 16 pages as well as single page documents which were all printed four colour process. In addition to these documents, we also produced flights of 10 tabbed dividers for facilitating navigation of the finished folder content. The inserts and dividers were all drilled with 4 holes for insertion into the relevant binders and delivered to us for fulfilment and packing into boxes of 12 – resulting in 80 separate boxes.

These binders have now been collated with their correct inserts and are packaged in our warehouse ready to be sent out as each centre around the UK requires them.

Full Range Print Solutions ATS Tructyre Binder 2
Full Range Print Solutions ATS Tructyre Binder 1